ATA 2019 - Thats a wrap

April 8, 2019

That’s a wrap!

The 2019 ATA Conference, held in Perth is over for another year, and it was really something! The first ATA Auction that Thermo King participated in, was held in Perth in 1996. At the time, the unit auctioned was an Unpainted SB-III Max 30.

Fast forward to 2019, and finally back in Perth, there is another reason to remember the 2019 ATA Auction, a hand painted SLXi-400 30 which has broken the ATA record for the auction bids.

Bidding seemed to start a little slow, and being an outdoor and evening event on the banks of the Swan river overlooking the city lights of Perth with the weather playing a few games with blustery conditions, it was not easy for the auctioneer to see the bidders as clearly as an indoor event. Several bidders dropped out, leaving three to push further into uncharted territory, with the final victor being Darren Eather from Wickham Freight Lines, adding the 2019 unit to this collection of Auction wins (Wickham’s 9th artwork auction win).

TK West would like to extend our thanks to our customers who attended the ATA Auction night as our guests, including Neil and Karen from GKR Transport, Sean from Goldstar Transport and Paul and Rodolfo from DCG.

A huge thanks also goes to Neil and the team at GKR Transport for their kind gesture in transporting the SLXi 400-30 painted unit from Melbourne to Perth, which arrived in pristine condition to us at TK West prior to being delivered to the Auction.

Check out our Facebook post for more photos from the night! 

By: Staff